Angelina Jolie Acquires a $25 Million Mansion in Los Feliz, California Near Ex-Husband Brad Pitt’s Abode

As a globally recognized A-lister with a hefty income, there are certainly some advantages to the lifestyle. Recently, Angelina Jolie, best known for her role in The Eternal, purchased a stunning $25 million home in Los Feliz, just north of Los Angeles, California. Interestingly enough, she chose this location because it’s conveniently close to her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s residence, allowing their children to visit him whenever they please.

In 2017, Angelina and her six kiddos made a big move into a glamorous Hollywood mansion that was once occupied by the legendary filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille, who directed the classic movie The Ten Commandments. The luxurious estate is nestled within a gated 2.1-acre area in Laughlin Park and offers breathtaking views of the iconic Griffith Observatory and the Pacific Ocean. The mansion itself is nothing short of impressive, featuring six spacious bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a plethora of amenities such as a private swimming pool, a family gymnasium, a charming teahouse, a wine cellar, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

FOX News is credited with the images of Angelina Jolie’s stunning Hollywood mansion. The interior decorations are exquisite, and the property affords an awe-inspiring view of Los Angeles when illuminated at night. The main house has undergone a complete renovation, while the exterior has retained its original style to maintain its elegance.

According to British Vogue, Angelina loves that the property has no entertainment room but features numerous pathways and spaces for thinking and walking. She also wanted it to be in close proximity to their father’s home, which is only five minutes away. Check out these photos showcasing both the exterior and interior sections of the Hollywood mansion.

As soon as you step inside the grand mansion, your eyes are drawn to the stunning foyer featuring a gracefully curved staircase. The use of dark wood furniture and cream-colored walls adorned with chic French semi-circular windows create an ambiance that is both inviting and cozy.

Angelina and her children have three living rooms where they can unwind and entertain guests. One of these living rooms has a luxurious sofa facing a fireplace, making it the perfect spot for relaxation. The image credit goes to LA Times and Variety.

Angelina’s dream kitchen features white cupboards and marble countertops, providing ample space for her to cook delicious meals for her six children. The kitchen is spacious and well-equipped, making it the perfect place for Angelina to work her magic. With this stunning kitchen at her disposal, Angelina can whip up all sorts of mouth-watering dishes that are sure to delight her family and friends.

Angelina and her children have the perfect setting for studying and reading with a well-appointed library featuring top-notch shelves and ladders that reach from the floor to the ceiling. This is a great place to get lost in a good book and enjoy some quiet time together. Image credits go to LA Times and Variety.

The back door of this room offers an awe-inspiring view of Los Angeles at night. The vintage elegance in the decorations of this room is consistent with the style of the rest of the mansion, which also boasts a total of six bedrooms. Photo credits for this image go to LA Times and Variety.

The master bedroom boasts of a spacious bathroom complete with a large tub and aromatic candles. One can easily picture Angelina Jolie indulging in a soothing bubble bath within these walls.

The opulent house boasts a complete fitness center and a transparent door that allows entry to the beautiful garden and luxurious swimming pool.

Check out this fantastic outdoor pool area with beach loungers, perfect for soaking up the sun! This is just one of two pools available for your use. Photo credit goes to LA Times and Variety.

The sprawling estate boasts numerous walking paths that are enveloped by tall trees and dense shrubbery, providing ample seclusion for Angelina and her children to unwind without any fear of being intruded upon by nosy neighbors or paparazzi attempting to snap candid photos.

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