“Bloom’s Candid Confession: Abstaining from Sex and Self-Pleasure Prior to Meeting Perry”

Orlando Bloom is a well-known Hollywood actor, admired for his handsome features and captivating personality. As a celebrity, his private life often captures the attention of the media. Interestingly, Orlando revealed that he refrained from engaging in sexual activities for several months until he met his current wife, Katy Perry. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating detail.

Since the beginning of 2016, Orlando and the renowned pop star have been romantically involved. The rumours about their relationship first started circulating in January 2016 after they were spotted together at an after-party for the Golden Globe Awards. Although they experienced a brief separation in 2017, they eventually rekindled their love.

In 2020, Orlando Bloom opened up about his experiences with intimacy during a conversation with The Sunday Times. He disclosed that he went without any sexual activity for six months, emphasizing that he did “absolutely nothing” in that regard. He went on to explain that after confiding in a close friend about his unhappiness, she recommended that he abstain from sexual behavior if he wanted to prioritize a long-term relationship.

Orlando Bloom shared that his friend advised him to become celibate for several months if he wanted to take his relationships seriously. This would help him avoid the temptation of meeting someone new at a party and instead focus on building friendships with women. At first, Bloom thought it would be difficult as his previous experiences as a “pretty boy” who loved women had hindered him from forming long-term relationships. However, he was surprised to find that he exceeded his own expectations.

Orlando Bloom shared that he originally intended to abstain from s*xual activity for three months, but found himself enjoying the way he related to women and his feminine side. He admitted that it may sound crazy, but it was a positive experience for him. In regards to p*rnography, Bloom claimed that he did not masturbate during his celibacy and believed it was not a healthy practice. He has been an advocate against p*rnography, citing its negative impact on one’s s*x life and even a child’s development. However, his outlook changed after meeting Katy Perry at the 2016 Golden Globes and applying the lessons he learned during his period of celibacy.

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