DUA LIPA: NOT A REGULAR LONDON GIRLYou might have seen Dua Lipa last weekend at Wireless Festival. Or earlier this summer at Glastonbury festival, performing herself and rooting for Adele. But what you probably don’t know is that Dua Lipa is not just some regular London girl with a deep smokey voice. Being only 20, the “Hotter Than Hell” singer has a very impressive history and is someone to keep an eye on.

ALBANIAN ROOTSDua Lipa is not a pseudonym, it is her real name. Dua means “love” in Albanian, which gives away her roots. Dua’s parents are Albanian and lived in Kosovo until the ’90s. Kosovo struggled with violence and oppression back then, so the Lipa family fled to the UK and Dua was born in London. When she was eleven they moved back to Kosovo, because it had become independent. But Dua didn’t feel like she could chase her dreams there and moved back to London. All by herself. Imagine that: living on your own at fifteen. I wasn’t even able to do all my homework at that age… She had to go to school, take care of her household and work for her musical ambitions all at the same time.

DARK MUSIC AND EDGY FASHIONWhen it comes to music, she’s right on track. The dark pop singer shares her management with Lana Del Rey and her singles “Be The One” and “Hotter Than Hell” are doing great in the top charts. But it’s not only Dua’s sound that grabs the attention. She also has an interesting, edgy yet sassy style. She’s been called an it-girl, so no wonder she’s busy in the fashion industry. Earlier this year she did a cooperation with Stella McCartney: “One City, One girl”.

MODEL-TURNED-CHEF BOYFRIENDDua got herself some boyfriend: Isaac Carew. A super handsome model who knows his way around a kitchen. I didn’t know boys like that still exist! Isaac has worked for couture bands such as Hermès and Moschino and he recently launched The Dirty Dishes: a dedication to easy comfort food. I wonder if Miss Beautifully Legged aka Dua Lipa eats a lot of his “dirty chocolate cake”.

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