Dua Lipa shows her difficult training to have incredible abs

The popular singer finally revealed the long-awaited training she does to have abs as marked as her.

One of the stars that has been most flattered by her figure is undoubtedly Dua Lipa. The singer has one of the most enviable bodies, her abs are a sensation for many.

Dua Lipa has a very strict exercise routine to keep herself so well, this was revealed by herself, through a video posted on her Instagram account.

The video already has thousands of likes and comments from her followers expressing how much they love her figure, not only have her fans shown that the new rules interpreter has incredible abs, but also Katy Perry on one occasion commented on the young woman in a joking pH๏to of her defined abdomen.

‘What shades are you using on your abs? I have to get a little ‘, wrote the interpreter of Roar.

For all those who want to look as fit as Dua, you already know the secret with which the Englishwoman achieves such an extraordinary figure.

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