“Her” Voice, Her Win: Scarlett Johansson’s Historic Best Actress Award for Voice-Only Role in Spike Jonze’s Film

The film “Her” has been praised for Scarlett Johansson’s voice performance as Samantha, the computer operating system that Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls for. It has been suggested that this unconventional performance could make waves in the awards season. Recently, Johansson won Best Actress at the Rome Film Festival for her voice-only role in the film. “Dallas Buyers Club” actor Matthew McConaughey received the Best Actor award, while Alberto Fasulo’s documentary “Tir” won Best Film. The International Jury assigned awards to films in competition, with “Seventh Code” director Kiyoshi Kurosawa winning the Best Director award and Tayfun Pirselimoğlu winning the Award for Best Screenplay for “I Am Not Him”.

Scarlett Johansson opens up with Cosmopolitan magazine

The CinemaXXI competition, headed by Larry Clark and featuring Ashim Ahluwalia, Yuri Ancarani, Laila Pakalnina, and Michael Wahrmann, announced the winners of its awards. Nepal Forever by Aliona Polunina received the CinemaXXI Award for Best Film, while Birmingham Ornament 2 by Andrey Silvestrov and Yury Leiderman won the CinemaXXI Special Jury Prize in the feature-length films category. Jan Soldat’s Der Unfertige (The Incomplete) won the CinemaXXI Award for Short Films, and Roee Rosen’s The Buried Alive Videos received a special mention. The Prospettive Italia Doc awards, headed by Marco Visalberghi and featuring Christian Carmosino, Gerardo Panichi, Giusi Santoro, and Sabrina Varani, presented Valentina Pedicini’s Dal profondo with the Premio Doc It – Prospettive Italia Doc for the Best Italian Documentary, while Elisa Amoruso’s Fuoristrada received a special mention. Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnace won the Taodue Golden Camera Award for Best First/Second Film, and Jean Denis Le Dinahet and Sébastien Msika received the Taodue Award for the Best Emerging Producer for Il sud è niente. The BNL Audience Award for Best Film, chosen by the festival audience using electronic voting, went to Jean-Marc Vallée’s Dallas Buyers Club.

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