How Scarlett Johansson’s Rejection from ‘Gravity’ Left Her Feeling Defeated

Johansson expressed her disappointment for not being selected for Alfonso Cuarón’s space drama in 2013, saying it was the final straw that made her question if acting was the right profession for her.

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In a recent interview with Variety, Scarlett Johansson opened up about her thoughts on her acting career. She expressed disappointment after being rejected for the role of a scientist who is stuck in space in Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity”, which won an Oscar. The actress shared that she, along with Marion Cotillard and Natalie Portman, was among those who auditioned for the part. Blake Lively and Johansson were also considered before Sandra Bullock finally landed the role, which earned her a Best Actress nomination.

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Scarlett Johansson shared that she was rejected for two roles – ‘Iron Man 2’ and ‘Gravity’ directed by Alfonso Cuarón. She expressed her disappointment when she didn’t get the role in ‘Gravity’, which made her feel hopeless and frustrated about her acting career. Johansson also revealed that she was offered a lot of scripts for Marilyn Monroe roles, but she found the work unfulfilling, leading her to question if she was on the right path creatively.

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The celebrity acknowledged the difficulties of breaking away from being typecast as a seductive character on screen. Even when she tried taking on different roles in movies like “He’s Just Not That Into You,” she found it challenging to escape that image. Despite her struggles, Johansson persevered and eventually had the opportunity to replace Emily Blunt in “Iron Man 2” after Blunt was contractually obligated to film another project. This decision proved to be a turning point in Johansson’s career, solidifying her place in the Marvel universe. Interestingly, her co-star Robert Downey Jr. was also briefly considered for a role in “Gravity” before the part ultimately went to George Clooney.

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Johansson shared that her role in “Iron Man 2” did not provide much opportunity for character development, but there was potential for growth in future films. She went on to star in a total of nine movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including her own standalone film “Black Widow.” However, in 2021, Johansson faced a legal battle with Disney when they decided to release “Black Widow” simultaneously on Disney+ and in theaters. This move resulted in Johansson missing out on her share of box office profits. She took legal action against Disney, and although the case was settled, she reportedly received over $40 million in compensation.

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In a recent interview with Variety, Johansson revealed that her career resurgence in the mid-2010s was due to her roles in indie films such as “Under the Skin” and “Her.” These projects helped reignite her passion for acting and made her fall in love with her job all over again. As for upcoming projects, Johansson is set to appear in several films including Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City,” Kristin Scott Thomas’ “My Mother’s Wedding,” Sebastián Lelio’s “Bride,” and there are rumors of her attachment to Greg Berlanti’s “Project Artemis.”

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