Jennifer Lopez flaunts her gym gains in a sleek swimsuit that perfectly highlights her toned physique.

Jennifer Lopez has been busy enjoying her time with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez during a romantic getaway. She attracted all the attention while basking in the sun on a luxurious yacht in the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The 49-year-old star proudly showed off her famous curvy figure in a revealing grey workout outfit, accentuating her peachy derriere and ample cleavage with a plunging neckline.

Staying active: Jennifer Lopez attracted everyone’s attention as she enjoyed the sun aboard a luxurious yacht on the Amalfi Coast in Italy on Thursday.

Proudly displaying her famous curves, the well-known 49-year-old star showcased her toned derriere in a revealing grey workout outfit, paired with a plunging neckline that accentuated her ample cleavage. J-Lo, known for her envy-inducing figure, flaunted her slender legs and defined waist in the skimpy design.

With her glossy locks tied up in a high bun and classic black sunglasses shielding her eyes, the Get Right hitmaker watched as her baseball beau, A-Rod, leaped off the large yacht into the water below. Engaging in a workout routine involving resistance bands and dumbbells, the A-Lister focused on strengthening her core while also keeping an eye on her partner, who was also getting some exercise aboard the luxurious cruiser.

The couple who exercise together: The affectionate duo, who have been in a relationship for eighteen months, made sure to prioritize their workout routine during their sunny vacation.

Adrenaline junkie: A-Rod stole the spotlight as he bravely leaped off the yacht, much to the delight of J-Lo and their companions.

Break a sweat: J-Lo and Alex geared up for some intense workouts together

Hunky: Alex flaunted his toned physique when he took off his white T-shirt to soak up the sunshine.

Flaunting her figure, the actress from Shades Of Blue proudly showed off her well-endowed chest and sun-kissed complexion in a shimmery silver tank top.

Putting in the effort: J-Lo paused for a moment to catch her breath and wipe away the sweat from her rigorous workout session.

Taking a break: The actress and singer showed no signs of exhaustion even during the rigorous training session.

Staying in shape: J-Lo put in the effort to maintain her famous backside in excellent condition.

Smitteп: J-Lo and Alex paused their workout session for a quick chat on the luxurious yacht with close friends. A-Rod appeared ready for his dive in a pair of grey board shorts, while J-Lo captured the energetic display on her phone.

Earlier in the day, J-Lo flaunted her tan in a sexy emerald swimsuit, showcasing her enviable figure once again. The celebrity couple has been enjoying a romantic escape in Italy, following a year and a half of love.

Since getting together last year, Jennifer and Alex’s relationship has only grown stronger, with both attributing the success to the perfect timing of their romance – they believe meeting later in life was a positive twist of fate.

Giving a hand: J-Lo received some support from a friend while working on her strength by doing pull-ups.

Pumping iron: J-Lo wasted no time picking up the dumbbells during her workout session.

Exercising together: The celebrity focused on her abdominal muscles while keeping an eye on her partner, who also managed to fit in a workout session on the luxurious cruise ship.

During an appearance on the US talk show Today in early August, Alex opened up about their relationship, stating, “Honestly, if this had happened when we were in our twenties…it would never have worked. It was just too much craziness, I wasn’t mature enough. You know guys…we have to get our nonsense out of the way.”

“We’re both in our 40s, both from New York, both with Latino backgrounds, and we both have two kids,” he continued. “I believe we’ve both been through a lot and can truly understand and appreciate each other, both the positives and the challenges.”

Joined together: During an appearance on the American talk show Today in early August, Alex mentioned that if their relationship had taken place when they were in their twenties, it probably would not have happened.

The couple has no immediate plans for marriage, according to sources. They were reportedly discussing marriage earlier, but there is no rush for them to walk down the aisle. Rumors of their engagement began swirling last month when Jennifer was seen wearing a ring given to her by Alex. She posted a photo of them enjoying a beach day together, showing off the ring on her engagement finger. Despite the speculation surrounding the jewelry, she chose to focus on the quiet moments that hold the most significance.

Dazzling Features: J-Lo proudly showed off her famously curvy backside in a revealing emerald green swimsuit during a romantic getaway in Italy.

Enjoying a relaxing day on the water, Jennifer Lopez was stunning in a vibrant emerald green swimsuit as she watched her handsome partner, Alex, take a dive off the yacht.

J-Lo made sure to capture everyone’s attention as she basked in the sun aboard a luxurious yacht, stealing the spotlight effortlessly.

Cheerful! J-Lo proudly showcased her enviable backside in the tight-fitting swimsuit as she soaked up the vibes from the boat.

Prepare yourself! J-Lo remained grounded while observing her baseball beau, known as A-Rod, leap off the massive yacht and into the water below.

On the move: Jennifer Lopez appeared to be in high spirits as she strolled along the yacht’s deck to capture some shots of her handsome beau Alex leaping off the boat with friends.

However, sources now suggest that the couple is not in a rush to tie the knot. According to Us Weekly, “They were ready to get married early on and talked about it. But Jennifer decided she wants to approach it differently this time. She’s been down the marriage road and isn’t sure if she wants to go through it again.”

Despite not rushing into marriage, Jennifer and Alex are already committed to one another. A second insider shared, “They already act like they’re married. They’ve been combining their finances and are very happy with their relationship. They are dedicated to each other and their families, and that’s what truly matters.”

Intrigued: The artist behind the hit song Get Right stylishly tied back her shiny dark brown hair into a chic bun and wore classic black aviator sunglasses to shade her eyes.

Creating lasting moments: A-Rod appeared prepared for his plunge in gray board shorts, as J-Lo captured the lively performance on her phone.

Madly in love: Jennifer Lopez and Alex have been soaking up the romance on a dreamy escape to Italy, following a year and a half of love and affection.

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