“Jennifer Lopez Shines in Chic Black Ruffled Ensemble with Gold Studded Heels”

She is truly a remarkable entertainer, that’s for sure. And during Sunday night’s America Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez made three stunning outfit changes, paying tribute to the legendary Cuban salsa dancer Celia Cruz. The 44-year-old singer, dancer, and actress took over the Nokia Theatre stage and received a thunderous standing ovation as she reminded everyone of her incredible talent with a high-energy performance. Check out the video below for more.

During the ceremony on Sunday night, a unique and special performance was given in honor of the legendary Cuban salsa artist, Celia Cruz.

Awesome: The vocalist wowed the crowd at the American Music Awards in a sparkling lavender outfit.

In her third outfit change, J-Lo donned a stunning black and gold ensemble as she hit the stage once again. Throughout her entire performance, J-Lo paid a thoughtful and respectful tribute to the legendary Queen of Salsa, who passed away in 2003 at the age of 77. Celia Cruz was one of the most beloved salsa artists of the 20th century. To kick off her incredible performance, the Dance Again singer appeared in a stylish black gown with cut-out shoulders, shimmering with a layer of silver sparkles. Her hair was elegantly pulled back into a sleek ponytail, while her dazzling earrings reflected the glamorous era in which Celia Cruz flourished.

It took quite a bit of work! Jennifer sported a dazzling, vibrant salsa dress, a glamorous black cape, and a small lavender bodysuit during her high-energy performance.

What a performance! The stunning star dazzled the audience with her incredible salsa dance moves.

Let’s give it up for J-Lo, who wowed the crowd with her spectacular performance at the packed awards ceremony.

Check it out, look at those moves! During her performance, one of Jennifer Lopez’s dancers lifted her into the air at one point. After singing the opening Spanish lyrics and showing off some salsa dance moves, things really heated up when Jennifer had a quick costume change that you could easily miss if you blinked. She ended up wearing a costume that seemed to be inspired by a traditional salsa dress, complete with a train adorned with silky layers perfect for shaking and shimmying. The vibrant garment showcased all the colors of the rainbow.

Nailing it: The celebrity rocked an amazing look in the super revealing ensemble.

Incredible: The beautiful singer lit up the stage with a captivating performance alongside her talented backing band.

This is the story of how they crossed paths: Casper Smart, who is now her current boyfriend, was once a member of her dance team.

They are crushing it! Two dancers gracefully escorted the amazing performer while she rocked her final outfit during the performance.

Muscles: A dancer effortlessly lifted Jennifer high above his head during a thrilling dance routine. But the excitement didn’t end there, as within moments, her dazzling outfit was shed to unveil a stunning lavender bodysuit designed by the talented Zuhair Murad. The revealing outfit showcased a mesmerizing display of tassels and embellishments, allowing the beautiful performer to flaunt her sculpted physique, a result of countless hours spent perfecting her craft in dance studios. It was in this moment that J-Lo truly unleashed her inner passion, executing a series of challenging salsa moves with impressive skill while effortlessly singing at the same time. The star’s ability to effortlessly juggle both tasks left the audience in awe.

Check her out: Jennifer looked fabulous as she approached the handsome man standing next to her on stage.

Everyone wants a slice of J-Lo: The singer was surrounded by a multitude of hands as she danced.

Getting into the energetic routine, Jennifer showed a true passion and enthusiasm for it.

Wow, what a performance! Jennifer Lopez dazzled as she moved gracefully across the stage in this vibrant salsa number.

It seems like a blast! The star appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she danced around in the traditional attire and sang impressively in Spanish. She maintained a focused and passionate expression throughout her entire performance as she was lifted in the air and twirled around, all while singing in Spanish. J-Lo, whose parents are Puerto Rican, received a thunderous standing ovation from the crowd full of music legends after successfully completing the tribute to Cuban icon Celia Cruz. Later on, she was spotted in a sheer gold gown, hugging her fit body tightly as she stood next to her 26-year-old dancer beau, Casper Smart.

Giving it her all: J-Lo shut her eyes and completely immersed herself in the music, becoming one with the rhythm.

Wow, what a performance by J-Lo! She really went all out with her elaborate stage setup and upped the ante by changing into three different outfits during one single performance.

She’s got the know-how: The experienced artist honored a very influential individual.

Letting it all hang out: Jennifer was dressed in a dazzling black cape-like number when she made her grand entrance.

Attending a glamorous event, Jennifer Lopez and her partner Casper Smart were captured together in a photograph.

Looking great! J-Lo proudly displayed the result of her dedication and workout routine on her stunning physique.

A legendary figure, Celia Cruz, shown in this photograph taken in New York, was widely known as the Queen of Salsa.

An esteemed icon: Shown here just a year prior to her passing at the Latin Grammy Awards in Hollywood in 2002, Celia Cruz was a master of salsa dancing.

In celebration of her show, Jennifer changed into a stunning Dsquared2 outfit for a special dinner held in her honor at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California. The event was hosted by Dean and Dan of Dsquared2.

Exuding sophistication: The singer, seen striking a pose alongside Deaп and Daп of Dsqᴜared2, appeared stunning in a stylish black pleated A-line skirt paired with a matching top and gold bejeweled heels.

Absolutely stunning: Jennifer shone brightly in a dazzling sequined gold and sheer gown that beautifully highlighted her incredible figure.

An authentic sight to behold: Whether she’s on stage or hitting the town for the night, Jennifer surely knows how to captivate the audience.

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