Katy Perry Blushes in Barely-There Outfit

Known for her bold fashion choices, Katy Perry stunned the crowd at the MMA Awards with a revealing skin-tight outfit, leaving her feeling a bit embarrassed on stage.

Making a grand entrance at the MuchMusic Awards in a sizzling hot outfit and delivering an electrifying performance. However, right after grooving to the beat, Katy immediately encountered trouble with her overly sexy outfit. The outfit was designed to hug her body in a nude shade, accentuating her curves perfectly. Realizing this, Katy Perry felt a bit bashful, covering up with her hand…and then covering up with her award.

Making a grand appearance at the MMA Awards in Toronto, Canada, Katy performed her new song “Wide Awake” on stage. As soon as she stepped onto the stage, Katy was met with enthusiastic support from the audience. Her sexy and alluring performance style left the Canadian audience captivated.

At the MMA Awards, Katy won the International Female Singer of the Year award. After receiving the award from Lucy Hale, she immediately used it to cover… This gesture from Katy was met with understanding from her fans, as the delicate scene left her feeling embarrassed.

After finishing her performance on stage and receiving an award, Katy immediately retreated backstage to change her outfit. Rocking a nude lace top paired with high-waisted pants, Katy looked much more confident. She struck poses on the red carpet, waved to fans, signed autographs, and took commemorative photos with her supporters.

Earlier, Katy made an early appearance at the MMA Awards, looking like a silver screen superhero in a black dress adorned with gold accents. Accompanying the singer on the red carpet were children dressed in outfits she had worn in popular music videos.

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