Katy Perry heats up the stage at JingleBellBall, shedding her furry coat to reveal a sultry fringed leotard.

Katy Perry donned a stunning and dramatic pale blue fur-trimmed coat that gave off major Mrs. Claus vibes during her performance of “Wide Awake” at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London’s O2 arena. However, Perry quickly revealed a sizzling and sexy leotard once she shed the coat. As the 29-year-old pop star headlined the event, she performed some provocative moves on stage, such as bumping and grinding, which perfectly displayed the fringed leotard. Perry’s bold fashion choices and alluring dance moves heated up the night and left the audience wanting more.

Covered up: Katy Perry started off her performance at the Jingle Bell Ball in London on Saturday evening wearing a fur trimmed coat

Katy Perry kicked off her Jingle Bell Ball show in London donning a coat adorned with fur on Saturday night.

Phwoar: She stripped off to reveal a sparkly pink leotard beneath which showed off plenty of preview

Wow, she looked stunning as she revealed her outfit – a shiny pink leotard that highlighted all her curves. The leotard was bedazzled with sequins that glistened with every move she made. The bottom part was adorned with fringes in the same pale pink color, just like the ones beneath her sleeved arms. The highlight of her look was the daring low-cut neckline that showcased her impressive cleavage.

Stunning: Katy Perry looked elegant in the shimmering blue coat which looked something Mrs Claus would wear

Katy Perry made heads turn with her stunning attire. She looked graceful in a dazzling blue coat that resembled the outfit of Mrs Claus.

Fur trimmed: The coat was particularly festive due to the large white fur trimmed sleeves and collar

The coat had an extra celebratory feel with its sleeves and collar adorned with fluffy white fur. To keep the focus on her dress, she styled her hair in a sleek ponytail that swayed with every step. The singer kicked off her show with her hit debut single “I Kissed A Girl” followed by fresh tracks from her albums Prism and Dark Horse. Later she was accompanied by a team of modern-looking elves for “Part Of Me”. Her performance also featured popular songs like “Wide Awake” and “Teenage Dream”, which kept the crowd excited throughout the show.

Plunging: Katy's low cut costume showed off her ample cleavage

Katy’s dress had a deep neckline, revealing her generous bosom.

Old and new: Katy made sure she performed a wide range of her hits from over the years

Katy ensured that her performance included a diverse selection of her popular songs from both past and present eras.

Strike a pose: Katy gave her performance her all - kicking off with I Kissed A Girl

Katy gave her all during her performance, starting off with her hit song “I Kissed A Girl”. The 16,000 strong audience was thrilled as Olly Murs began the first night of the Jingle Bell Ball. He appeared in his signature skinny jeans and started his show with “Army Of Two” before performing his famous track “Heart Skips A Beat”. The crowd went wild when Rizzle Kicks joined him on stage, putting on an energetic performance that delighted everyone.

Shine bright: Katy's leotard also shimmered as she made her way about the stage

Katy’s leotard sparkled like a star as she gracefully moved on the stage, catching everyone’s attention.

Leggy: Katy showed off her very long looking legs as well as her cleavage

Katy flaunted her lengthy legs and revealed her cleavage, showcasing her stunning physique.

Fringe benefits: The fringe detail on Katy's dress worked well as she danced about

Katy’s dress looked fabulous as she danced due to the fringe detailing on it.

Future elves: Katy was joined on stage by some futuristic elves as dancers

Katy had some extraordinary elves dancing alongside her during her performance- it was like they came straight from the future!

Showing her skills: Katy performed with a skipping rope despite wearing heels

Katy displayed her talents by jumping rope while wearing high heels, proving her prowess in a unique way. Olly kept the party going with a medley of crowd favorites including Troublemaker and Dear Darlin’, igniting the holiday festivities with a bang. James Arthur, another X Factor alum, also graced the stage and treated fans to a performance of his chart-topping singles Impossible and You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You. He then wowed the audience with his rendition of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, which he had recently debuted on Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

Energetic: Ellie Goulding put on her usual display of energy as she took to the stage

Full of vitality: Ellie Goulding delivered her customary performance brimming with liveliness when she graced the stage.

That must be sweaty: Ellie opted to wear a rather tight leather crop top for her performance

Ellie decided to sport a snug leather crop top during her performance, which must have been quite perspiring.

Here comes trouble: Olly Murs was joined on stage by Rizzle Kicks

Uh oh, things got exciting when Olly Murs brought out Rizzle Kicks to join him during his performance.

Lets dance: Rizzle Kicks certainly weren't lacking the dance moves during their set

Get ready to groove: Rizzle Kicks rocked the stage with their impressive dance skills.

Impressive: Jordan Stephens showed off his gymnastic skills on stage

Jordan Stephens put on quite the show with his impressive gymnastic skills during his performance on stage. The audience was left in awe as they watched him effortlessly perform his moves. Ellie Goulding, on the other hand, got the crowd jumping as she took to the stage in her baggy black and white trousers and leather crop top. The atmosphere was electric as she began her set, starting with I Need Your Love, followed by Anything Could Happen, which got everyone on their feet and dancing along. Naughty Boy also kept the dancing momentum going with some help from Ella Eyre, Shezar, and Tanika, who joined him on stage for a fantastic performance of Get Lucky.

What an opener: Olly Murs was the first act to take to the stage

What a way to start the show! Olly Murs kicked off the performances as the first artist to grace the stage.

Wrecking Ball: James did a cover of Miley Cyrus's big ballad

James performed a rendition of Miley Cyrus’s popular tune, Wrecking Ball, and wrapped up his set with a crowd-pleasing performance of La La La, featuring Sam Smith. Union J added some holiday cheer to the event by performing a medley of Christmas songs, including Last Christmas, as well as their hit Carry You and their latest release Loving You Is Easy. The next night of the Jingle Bell Ball promises an impressive lineup of artists, including Lady Gaga, Rudimental, Dizzee Rascal, Little Mix, Jason Derulo, Lawson, John Newman, Jessie J, and The Vamps.

Please welcome your hosts: Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon appeared to coordinate their outfits for the occasion

Let’s give a warm welcome to our hosts, Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon, who seem to have matched their attire perfectly for this special event.

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