Kim Kardashian Emulates Cher’s Legendary Fashion at Met Gala 2019 After-Party

Numerous celebrities showcased their stylish looks not only on the red carpet but also at the post-event party of the Met Gala held last night. Katy Perry’s outfit resembling a hamburger and Kylie Jenner’s stunning wig change were some of the highlights of the evening, which continued until late hours. Kim Kardashian was also present at the after-party along with her sister Kylie, and her fashion game was equally impressive.

Kim Kardashian replicated her appearance from her Vogue cover shoot by wearing a tight-fitting tan dress adorned with crystal droplets that resembled water as she walked down the red carpet. Nonetheless, she opted for a completely different ensemble after the party.

Kim donned a form-fitting blue dress with a plunging neckline, paired with vibrant blue boots and gloves. But the highlight of her ensemble was undoubtedly her hair, which sported a striking blue and silver wig resembling festive streamers. It was definitely a look fit for a good time!

We cannot pinpoint the exact source of inspiration for Kim’s outfit, but it appears to have a mix of three elements: Cher, neon, and my middle school graduation bash. Yet again, the Kardashians have secured another achievement.

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