Saving and Healing a Pup with a Head Injury, Giving Her Comfortable Respite with a New Family

Despite her current appearance as a cute and fluffy teddy bear, Michi’s past was far from charming. Our encounter with her happened when we stumbled upon her wandering around the streets of Bali with a severe head wound that was endangering her life. It was evident that she needed immediate veterinary attention, but when we attempted to rescue her, she darted towards a drain and concealed herself inside it. We waited in the gutter for an exhausting three hours, hoping and praying for a way to get her out of there. Eventually, with some ingenuity and determination, we managed to bring Michi to safety and give her the care that she desperately needed.

Upon her arrival at the veterinary clinic, we discovered that there were maggots present in the wound on her head. The cause of this injury was uncertain; it could have been inflicted by a human, or she may have been involved in a dog fight. Regardless, it was clear that she required immediate attention.

At Mission Paws’ible, our primary focus is to provide a safe, calm environment where dogs can decompress and recover. We often take them into our homes and begin their treatment based on any diagnosed conditions they may have, such as skin issues. We ensure that they are fed a nutritious raw diet with supplements to boost their immune system and establish a consistent routine for feeding, walking, and sleeping to help them relax. We have also found that introducing healthy, fully vaccinated dogs can aid in the healing process and teach new rescues how to socialize and trust humans.

After arriving at the clinic, the dog’s fur was shaved off due to being covered in blood, dirt, and insects.

Michi was not a happy pup at first, but she is now slowly on the road to recovery and full health. Unfortunately, Michi was diagnosed with parvovirus after being transferred to foster care. Parvovirus is highly contagious and can spread through direct and indirect contact with infected dogs. It is possible that Michi contracted it prior to arriving at the clinic, and the vaccination exposed it, or she may have caught it while at the clinic. This highlights the importance of safe and secure foster homes. Luckily, Michi’s age and strong immune system aided her in fighting the virus, and she has since blossomed into a beautiful Maltese mix.

The first encounter between Michi and her future mom, Saffron, was a truly heartwarming moment. It was evident that they were a perfect match, and it brought tears to our eyes! Nowadays, Michi resides in Bali with Saffron and another rescued dog named Garscon, and together, they form a unique and special family.

It’s worth noting that we conduct a thorough screening process for every adoption request. This starts with an online application, followed by a phone call to confirm the applicant’s genuine interest and commitment to providing a loving home to a new pet. Additionally, we insist on a complete house check to ensure that the property is securely fenced and safe.

When Saffron drove for an hour and a half to meet Michi, there was an instant connection between them. Even though Michi was still recovering from parvo at the clinic, their bond was palpable. We were moved to tears and knew instinctively that this was the perfect home for Michi.

Thanks to Saffron’s care and attention, Michi is now living her best life with her loving mom and rescue brother Garscon.

Michi is thoroughly relishing her fresh seaside existence and the companionship of her new circle. Presently, Michi is overwhelmed with affection, a feat that was made possible due to the backing of the global community of dog enthusiasts. She has found herself in the best company with her closest buddies.

Michi’s favorite way of getting around

We aim to assist more canines like Michi in the future. Our plan for this year is to initiate the construction of The Healing Centre, a personalized haven for our rescued furry friends. This will enable us to rescue even more animals and aid them in their rehabilitation process until they’re ready for adoption. For more details, please visit our website. Your support in the form of donations is crucial to make this dream a reality and continue rescuing Bali’s dogs. Mission Paws’ible is a licensed and tax-exempt Australian charity that collaborates with Indonesian Yayasan Proyek Peduli and USA 501c3 Registered and Tax Deductible Charity Global Canine Cavalry. What a stunning pup!

In 2015, Mission Paws’ible came into existence with a vision to bring together individuals who share a passion for rescuing animals. This led to the formation of a community that strives to make a positive impact on the lives of our furry friends.

Here at our organization, our goal is to empower people to rescue and care for animals that are in need. Our mission is to create a world where no animal has to suffer, by lowering euthanasia rates, putting an end to puppy mills and backyard breeders, and decreasing the number of animals that are abandoned or dumped. We work tirelessly to support and educate individuals who are interested in helping animals, and we provide them with the tools and resources they need to make a difference. Through our efforts, we are able to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home countless animals, while also providing much-needed assistance to those who dedicate their time to helping animals in need.

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