Scarlett Johansson Reveals the Secret She Wants to Keep From Her Kids

The thespian has vowed to keep her former routine under wraps from her offspring.


During her appearance on Drew Barrymore’s talk show, actress Scarlett Johansson shared a personal secret that she isn’t comfortable sharing with her children. She admitted to smoking when she was younger and expressed feelings of shame about it.

Johansson, who is a mother to two kids – Rose and Cosmo, aged 7 and 7 months respectively, admitted that she doesn’t take pride in her past habit of smoking. She clarified that she doesn’t want her daughter to perceive it as a “cool” thing to do, as smoking is something she strongly disapproves of.

The thespian has a daughter named Rose whom she shares with her former spouse, businessman Romain Dauriac. Recently, the actress welcomed a baby boy named Cosmo with her current husband, Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost.

Scarlett expressed that as a parent, it is common to restrict your children from certain activities and they typically comply. She hopes that her child never discovers the forbidden activity.

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