“The Curse of the Oscars Kiss: How Angelina Jolie’s Infamous Moment Led to Tragic Consequences and the Demise of her Career 22 Years Later”

Back in 2000, Angelina Jolie was on top of the world after winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in Girl, Interrupted. She was thrilled to celebrate with her brother James Haven at the Oscars, but their celebratory kiss caused quite the scandal. Guests and press were shocked when Angelina kissed James on the lips, making it one of the most controversial moments in Oscar history.

To celebrate the triumphant win…

The media was abuzz when Angelina Jolie shared a kiss with her brother James Haven in front of a crowd. The incident caused quite a stir and led to James facing criticism and scrutiny from all quarters. He later clarified that it was not a French kiss, but an innocent congratulatory gesture for his sister as she left for Mexico to film. Angelina also defended the act, stating that their parents loved the photo. Unfortunately, James’s life took a downturn due to the controversy surrounding the kiss.

When Angelina Jolie took home the Golden Globe, she was seen kissing her brother on the lips, which raised a few eyebrows. Despite this incident, James Haven’s acting career has not been very successful, mainly due to his appearances in films alongside Angelina Jolie’s sister, such as Gia and Hell’s Kitchen. Nonetheless, he still manages to earn millions of dollars from acting, allowing him to live a carefree life. In addition to his acting skills, James Haven also has an eye for film production and has made a name for himself at the renowned Sundance Film Festival.

According to reports, Brad Pitt allegedly has bad blood with his former sister-in-law. James Haven, the brother of Pitt’s ex-wife, was involved in a scandal back in 2000 that affected his career, happiness, and physical appearance. Over twenty years later, he is rumored to be living in a poorly maintained apartment and has lost contact with Angelina Jolie, despite being close siblings in the past. It’s been speculated that tension between Haven and Jolie may be the cause of their estrangement and potential confrontation with Pitt.

It’s surprising to see that Angelina Jolie’s sibling appears much older than his actual age, which is not even 50 yet.

After undergoing some renovations and repairs, Haven’s old and worn-out house has been transformed into a newer and more comfortable living space.

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