“The Evolution of Taylor Swift’s Beach Style Through the Ages”

The designer has always been devoted to her retro-inspired swimwear line, but shocked everyone with a steamy getaway alongside her partner Calvin Harris. To understand how she reached this milestone, let’s reminisce on her journey, beginning in 2010 with the introduction of her high-waisted bottoms.

Back in 2010, Taylor Swift was still in her country music phase with her trademark curly locks and stylish beachwear. Her fashion sense was all about classic prints with a touch of retro flair. One of her unforgettable looks was the nautical-themed outfit she wore back in 2011.

Before choosing to conceal her belly button, she had previously displayed it by donning bottoms that were extremely low-cut with a cute rather than seductive look. The particular attire was adorned with blue polka dots and was worn back in 2012.

When you’re vacationing on Cape Cod with Conor Kennedy, it’s highly likely that the fashion norm is “preppy or nothing.” This was exemplified by the charming red polka dot ensemble donned in 2012.

In 2013, Taylor decided to settle down and bought a house in the same area. She was determined to stay there for a long time. Interestingly, this was also the year when floral patterns were trending.

Who says you have to wear signature stripes to be a part of the Fourth of July festivities? Taylor Swift definitely doesn’t agree! She confidently flaunts her own red, white and blue style. Take a look at her striped outfit from 2013 as an example.

Despite participating in water sports, she maintained her preppy fashion sense, as shown in this snapshot of her paddle boarding with Ed Sheeran. The outfit flaunts pastel stripes and was donned in 2015.

The internet community was thrilled when she finally flaunted her belly button, but what caught our attention more was her choice of a bright and lively swimsuit over her typical red or blue ones. This specific swimsuit is known as the Dotted Maillot and was created back in 2015.

The time when she sported a skimpy bikini was short-lived. While on vacation with the Haim sisters, she reverted to her regular attire of a navy one-piece that provided full coverage. She even poked fun at the change on Instagram by saying, “She always wears a bathing suit from the 1950s.”

It was during this period that she incorporated New York’s fashion trends, such as her selection of swimwear, into her wardrobe. The check print was a trendy option in 2015.

Did you throw a fantastic Independence Day bash? Got it. Did you manage to snap an awesome mid-air shot with your buddies? You bet. Did you stun in a cute swimsuit? Absolutely. BLACK LACE, 2016.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Taylor Swift’s recent fashion choices, particularly her switch from demure styles to more revealing lace and skimpy ties. Many are wondering what could have caused this sudden change, and some speculate that it may be connected to her relationship with Calvin Harris.

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