The Grammy Audience’s Ruffled Feathers: What Went Down During Jennifer Lopez’s Controversial Motown Medley Tonight?

Tonight, Jennifer Lopez faced criticism from Grammy viewers for her “inappropriate” Motown tribute medley. The “Waiting for Tonight” singer performed a medley of popular Motown classics in a dramatic showcase, which included duets with Smokey Robinson and Alicia Keys.

Jennifer Lopez’s tribute to Motown fell short of expectations for Grammy viewers. Robinson, the founder and frontman of The Miracles, was instrumental in shaping Motown’s sound.

However, the performance received criticism from viewers for not being done by a black artist, especially during Black History Month. Suggestions were made for artists like Beyonce, Gladys Knight, or Jennifer Hudson to be more fitting choices than pop star Lopez.

One upset viewer expressed their disappointment by saying, “Dear #GRAMMYs, out of Anita, Beyonce, Lalah, India, Kelly Rowland, Latoya, Keyshia, Mary, Rihanna, Toni, Mariah, Monica, Brandy, Jill, Thee Diana, Faith, Patti, Gladys, Jennifer Hudson, Jasmine Sullivan, Fantasia, Tamar, Kelly Price, you choose Jennifer Lopez to do Motown? Insulting.”

The pop star’s lively performance wasn’t quite the right fit for the occasion.

The singer faced heavy criticism for sexualizing their performance.

She delivered a sequence of beloved Motown hits in a medley during her performance.

Many viewers of the Grammy Awards expressed their disapproval of choosing Lopez during Black History Month.

J-Lo, now known as a different artist, delivered a remarkable performance on stage.

One person brought their unique dancing style to the medley, while another commented on the choice of Jennifer Lopez to pay tribute to Motown during Black History Month. The criticism was directed at the lack of black songstresses in the performance. Similarly, another viewer expressed disappointment at the apparent disrespect towards older viewers who were expecting a Motown tribute but instead, got to see Jennifer Lopez dancing to salsa. #grammys was used in the tweet to express dissatisfaction with the performance.

Jennifer performed a duet with Alicia Keys during the medley, as captured by Rex Features.

Smokey Robinson stood by his decision to be part of the performance.

A story told how Jennifer was protected by the legend from facing negativity.

The performer wowed the audience with her amazing outfit transformations during her show.

She even utilized a piano to enhance her performance.

Jennifer Lopez has not responded yet to the criticism herself, with one person commenting, “Jennifer Lopez can barely do a Jennifer Lopez tribute but yet… a Motown tribute seemed appropriate. I truly hate everybody.” Another Twitter user expressed their disbelief, tweeting, “Jennifer Lopez doing a MOTOWN TRIBUTE at the Grammys? JENNIFER LOPEZ??? #Grammys2019 #AlwaysMissTheMark.” In anticipation of the backlash, Smokey Robinson, who performed part of the medley with Lopez, came to her defense.

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