‘Ugly’ schoolgirl becomes sexy Miss Pin Up beauty queen: ‘I grew into my looks’

SEXY: Lulu has just been crowned Miss Pin Up UK 2015(Image: MERCURY)

With bad skin and braces, Lulu Vesperclaims claims she was an “Ugly Duckling” at school.

Towering above everyone else, the awkward tom boy had no confidence and kept herself to herself.

“I was an ugly duckling when I was younger, it sums me up perfectly – I was always quite spotty and lanky and I had braces when I was in school,” she said.

“I was always known for being a bit alternative but when I went to university I studied singing and that gave me a bit more confidence – although my dancing was always very clumsy.”

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PIN-UP QUEEN: The 27-year-old beauty claims she was an “Ugly Duckling” at school(Image: MERCURY)

But after discovering burlesque, the 27-year-old found a new lease of life and managed to transform herself into a modelling beauty.

And now the stunning blonde has shocked herself by being crowned Miss Pin Up UK 2015.

Sexy Lulu, from North London, said: “I honestly believe that I sort of grew into my looks and I’ve really started to embrace my quirkiness, especially since I’ve been doing pin-up modelling.

“Growing up I never would have believed that I’d be able to do anything like this – let alone win – it’s been a really big confidence boost for me.”

Lulu claims she was even more nervous to perform her burlesque routine because it was held at the London Tattoo Convention in front of thousands of people.

KINKY: The blonde beauty discovered her new-found confidence after starting burlesque dancing(Image: MERCURY)

But the singing teacher, who claims she’s always had two left feet, can’t believe how much her dancing has improved since starting burlesque.

“I’m just so proud of myself for actually making it onto the stage, it was a real achievement for me,” said Lulu.

“I’ve always looked up to Pin Up models because they have amazing hair and gorgeous clothes and look so glamorous.

RED HOT: LuLu used to be “spotty and goofy” but says she grew into her looks(Image: MERCURY)

She added: “It’s a great way to express yourself too, and after starting burlesque I heardaout the competition and thought I’d give it a go.

“I feel like I’ve completely transformed from this tall, alternative geeky girl into a confident Pin Up model and I couldn’t be happier.”

The quirky competition celebrates the Fifties style pin-up girl. Women dress up in vintage clothes with super-styled hair and perform in front of a panel of judges.

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