Unraveling Jennifer Lopez’s Casual Style Mystery: Black Leggings and Sneakers, with an Unexpected Frown from Her Husband

Jennifer Lopez was seen leaving The Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills after returning from her luxurious getaway on Tuesday. Getting ready to celebrate her husband Ben Affleck’s 51st birthday later in the evening, the 54-year-old actress paid tribute to her soulmate by wearing a fitted, slightly see-through white t-shirt with the words ‘You are the soul of the universe, and your name is love’ printed across her chest.

It was clear to onlookers that the Let’s Get Loud singer had on a black bra underneath her t-shirt, which featured a quote from the 13th-century poet Rumi. Completing her casual look, the Shotgun Wedding star wore black leggings and matching trainers, with her hair pulled back in a bun and sporting large sunglasses.

After returning from her luxurious vacation in Italy, Jennifer Lopez was seen leaving The Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. The pop star was spotted carrying a large, colorful tote bag and sporting a red fitness tracker on her wrist. These photos were taken on the day her husband, Ben Affleck, celebrated his 51st birthday.

JLo took to Instagram to celebrate Ben in a sweet video. In the video, she can be seen sitting in the passenger seat of the car while Ben is driving, singing along to Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World” with the windows rolled down. The couple lip-synced the lyrics, expressing their love for each other in a heartfelt moment.

Sources close to the couple have revealed that Ben is doing well and thriving at 51 after tying the knot with Jennifer last year. Friends have mentioned that he is happy and content with his life, blending their families seamlessly.

Onlookers could easily tell that the Let’s Get Loud singer had on a black bra under her t-shirt.

In a romantic gesture, the 54-year-old Marry Me actress donned a snug, subtly sheer white top featuring the words “You are the essence of the universe, and your name is love” – a quote by the 13th-century poet Rumi – boldly printed across her generous bosom.

Curves was seen wearing black leggings and trainers on the same day she celebrated Ben Affleck’s birthday, showing off her unique style as The Shotgun Wedding actress.

With a youthful glow, Jeppy From the Block sported a vibrant, oversized tote bag and had a sleek red fitness tracker strapped to her wrist.

On the move: The photos were snapped on the very day when her husband, Ben Affleck, marked his 51st birthday.

Partner: Meanwhile, it was observed that Ben was behind the wheel of his black vehicle on his special day.

Relaxed: Behind the steering wheel, he appeared calm and at ease.

Jennifer celebrated her 54th birthday last month with a bash held at their newly purchased $60 million mansion in Beverly Hills, which they snagged in June after a lengthy house-hunting process. The popular actress posted snapshots from the extravagant celebration on her monthly O The JLo newsletter for her fans to see.

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Here’s a little glimpse of my party,” the star began. She went on to say, “Ben hosted it at our new home with our closest family and friends. All the kids were there, and it was a beautiful day filled with sunshine, perfect for a pool party!!”

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