“Art plagiarism allegations: Katy Perry accused of using visual artist’s work without consent for ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ cover and merchandise”

A renowned visual artist named Dom Sebastian has made a bold claim that Katy Perry has plagiarized his artwork for her ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ single cover. Sebastian, who is based in London, took to Instagram to share his digital artwork from his 2012 Holographic Melt Series and the artwork featured on Katy Perry’s single cover, which are uncannily similar in appearance. Additionally, he also brought to light an iridescent lithograph being sold on Katy Perry’s website, which bears a striking resemblance to his artwork. Sebastian has alleged that Katy Perry and her team have stolen his artwork without any prior permission or compensation. He further added that he was not contacted by Katy Perry or anyone from her team or label, Capitol Records, regarding the use of his artwork.


The artist posted a comparison on Instagram between his Holographic Melt Series artwork and the one used on Katy Perry’s ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ single cover. He also claimed that the singer has been selling his artwork as her own merchandise, including a $35 print.

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The increase in shoplifting is having an impact on stores across the United Kingdom. A recent example of theft is the unauthorized use of artist Sebastian’s work by Katy Perry and Capitol Records for the cover of her single “Chained to the Rhythm” from the 2017 album Witness. The holographic swirls in the background of the cover are nearly identical to those in Sebastian’s digital piece created six years ago. Sebastian claims that Perry’s creative team did not contact him or pay him for the use of his artwork, which is protected by copyright laws. Despite receiving support from some fans, the controversy has also sparked negative comments towards Sebastian for his claims. Regardless, he believes that there needs to be more respect for artists’ work on the Internet.

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