“Kim Kardashian’s Social Media Storm: Fans Call Out Alleged Photoshop, Leading to Photo Removal”

Kim Kardashian, the famous Hollywood celebrity, has recently posted several pictures from her Bahamas trip with Pete Davidson, where she can be seen donning a black swimsuit.

Kim’s keen followers were fast to spot something peculiar in one of her pictures. They observed a weird curve behind her knee, making her back leg appear distorted.

Kim faced criticism from her fans for her poor photoshop skills and had to remove the post. However, she didn’t let it affect her and reuploaded the gallery minus the controversial picture.

Kim showcased a swimsuit from her latest SKIMS collection, but instead of admiring her well-known physique, her followers noticed something unusual. Her leg appeared to be twisted and had a curve behind the knee. A fan inquired, “What happened to your leg, Kim?” while another hinted at the issue by saying, “Kim, Kim, Kim… Your right leg is, uh…”

Kardashian promptly removed the photo and replaced it with a corrected version, but a fan account was still able to capture the flawed image and share it online, causing it to go viral.

Kim’s recent Photoshop blunder coincides with her ex-husband Kanye West’s shocking revelation of a supposed “second sex-tape” during an explosive interview. The rapper claimed to have recovered the footage and handed it over to Kim last year, adding to the already intense drama surrounding their separation.

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